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Hello! I am Justyna

Photographer and graphic designer.

I love being part of the most special day in the lives of couples: their wedding. Although I have never personally married, I consider the ceremony and the event to be the most beautiful experiences one can have.

I greatly enjoy the vibrant energy felt on that day, the palpable love in the air, and the radiant happiness of the couples, who appear more beautiful than ever. Working with the photography of such a significant day fills me with positive energy.

I began my career as a wedding photographer at the age of 23 and have since traveled to various locations, including Poland, England, Germany, and the peninsula, before arriving in the Canary Islands. This latest destination is the one that inspires me the most, as we have wonderful light and incomparable natural settings that allow me to unleash my imagination to the fullest and create unique photos.

In addition to wedding photography, I also explore other genres, such as family and couple portraits, real estate photography, product photography, fashion, and private photo sessions. I have expanded my knowledge through a Master's in Fashion and Product Photography, and I am also immersed in the study of graphic design, a passion that has accompanied me throughout my life.

Contact me to inquire about my available dates, receive a quote, and learn more details.

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