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Process of creating a Logotype

I would like to show you my process of creating a logotype. The example I´m using is a logo for a local surf-skate school, that I did about a year ago.

First i have a meeting with the client where explains me what is his brand about, what is it that he needs, also where will the logo be used. Does he need flyers, shirts, business cards?

Once i know all the answers I do brain storming where I create a concept of the brand. I search for the key words that could describe the brand and try to place it in a visual concept. My first sketches are just ideas which i get in my head, and once i get them i will draw them in a graphic program, in this case i will use Adobe Illustrator.

After i drew my forms in Illustrator, it´s time to work on a font. I search fonts which i have in my library, or internet, then I modify it and adjust for the needs of my project. Then i prepare 2 or 3 propositions to the client before doing next step.

Once we agree with the client which is the option he prefers i try to develop it and also create a horizontal and vertical version , as the fields were the logo will be used might require it. Logo also needs to look good in black and white version.

Once we agree on final version, the client get´s all the logo package which contains logo in vector, jpg and all the versions he needs. Now this is our base to start the work with stationary, posters, business cards, and all the other merchandise!


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